About Me

Ever since I saw a computer, I fell in love. I started programming at age 10. I created by my first game by age 11. Long story short, technology has become my thing. And the rest is history. Not until later in my life, did I discover my love and passion for photography & videography. I've been able to develop these skills and talents through companies I've worked for such as: Roblox, More Good Foundation, & InfiniD. I grew up in Lehi, Utah. And graduated from Skyridge Highschool. I'm always about having a good time and working hard. I enjoy basketball, soccer, snowboarding, and video games in my free time. Did I forget to mention that I'm a hardcore Jazz fan?

But, what exactly can I do?

Let's dive in.

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Game Developer

Using the Roblox platform and Lua programming language, I've been developing games since I was 10.


Project Minigames, Zombie Blitz, and Zombie Stories are just a few titles among many I've developed. Due to massive success, I've been able to start my own game studio, Pandemic Games, becoming the Founder/Project Lead.


  • Content played by popular Youtubers grossing well over 50M+ views.
  • Over 430M+ gameplay sessions.
  • About 60K+ purchasing transactions.
  • Own Roblox groups with over 200k+ users.

Roblox Developer's Conference

I've been featured by Roblox through their website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and Instagram. My games have also been featured and advertised by Roblox. I was invited in 2018 to present one of my games to other successful developers at Roblox Developers Conference, San Fransisco, CA.

Web & App Development

I've created many sites including this one. I use Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Visual Studios, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript. I also have experience using WordPress, Weebly, and Wix. I have received multiple Utah State 1st Place awards through FBLA for Web Design.

Using Apple Xcode, I have started learning and programming iOS apps using the swift programming language. As well as implementing Google Firebase.

SEO & Marketing

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing are vital skills and go hand-in-hand with the other things that I do. Because of my wide range of fields I've been in, I've seen a lot of numbers. Even better, I've been able to tackle SEO & Marketing to help grow and improve these numbers while reducing not-so wanted numbers. Assisting me in this work, I use Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Web Console, Moz, SimilarWeb, Alexa and SEMrush.

Social Media

I have 2+ years in social media marketing in entertainment, business, and education. As a rapidly changing and growing industry, I work hard to stay up to date on new platforms, hot trends, and platform updates that make it easier for company's to track engagement, reach, ROI and KPI metrics.

Photograpy & Videography

I do stock, portrait, event, and travel photography. I also create videos mostly for social media. Continue to check out my work.

Graphic Designer

I am experienced in using all of the Adobe products. I mostly use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Spark. I design things from Game UI to Web Interfaces to Flyers and Business Cards to Social Media Posts.


Feel free to contact me with any questions or inquiries! I'm always happy to respond as soon as I can.